MERK Capital Corporation is a leading private equity group that provides equity investing to various middle-market businesses. In addition, we also provide financial advisory and consulting services to the middle market.

Our overall strategy is dedicated to helping businesses optimize shareholder value; facilitate their strategic and financial objectives across key industry sectors; and engage with companies where we have a shared vision for their business. Our investment focuses on several industries where we capitalize on our knowledge of the industries to develop a sound investment strategy that enhance the likelihood of success. These industries include packaging, consumer products and building material related businesses.

MERK Capital is an operationally oriented investment group. We build better businesses by combining strategic growth, professional management practices, global capabilities and profitable business growth. To this end we believe that financial engineering will be driven by strategic and operational initiatives.

Fundamental business improvement is the foundation of our investment strategy. MERK has developed a reputation as the pioneer of active management in private equity and has received broad recognition for its unique business model of generating superior returns by enhancing the business performance of portfolio companies MERK was founded on the premise that a by combining experience in both operating and financial talent will stimulate optimal performance from each of its investments. MERK principals have been on both the financial engineering and operational side with experience at major industrial enterprises.

Key factors that account for the Firm's outstanding reputation include: a consistent record of superior financial returns; a distinctive investment approach that combines financial and operating skills; and the ability to attract outstanding executives to the Firm and to portfolio company management teams and boards of directors. MERK’s success depends on the same basic values that contribute to the success of any business: hard work, common sense, team work and integrity. The Firm strives to create a culture that fosters such values.